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We have helped our patients to overcome difficult and unsightly skin conditions. Whether you suffer from sun damage, acne scars, wrinkles, leg veins or birthmarks, one of our providers will help find the right treatment


The Diode Laser is the gold standard in Permanent Hair Removal and is suitable on all pigmented hair and skin types—including tanned skin.

Picosecond Laser

A picosecond laser is a laser device that uses very short pulse durations to target endogenous pigmentation and exogenous ink particles (tattoos).


It is our promise to you that HydraFacial will not only improve the look of your skin, but with frequent treatments, will restore skin health. It is our belief beautiful skin instills a deep confidence that amplifies inner beauty.

SPA Capsule

Spa Capsule is the perfect system for weight loss, anti-cellulite, anti-aging, massage, and de-stressing. Spa capsule is also a non-invasive technology that provides an unattended, self-automated treatment for any health, beauty wellness, fitness and sport facility.

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