About Us


After a careful consideration to bring the most innovative and quality machines in the market with fast results and without pain, we decided to open the doors to the wonderful world of technology to the general public, women and men!


Machines that will give you amazing results you have not seen anywhere else! We, at De’Lisse Corp. are glad to give you the most professional service, fast and with wonderful results over time.

At De’Lisse you can get rid off hair permanently in less than 6 treatments, even white hair !!! Facial treatments and skin rejuvenation, tattoos, pigmentation treatments, birthmarks, or any signs that do not belong to the normal skin color in less than 5 treatments! Cleaning toxins, dissolving fat, cleaning the skin, etc. Manicure, and Pedicure.


You will be impressed by all of the most advanced technological equipment in the world here on our site! All this and more can be found in our new clinic in Spring Valley New York. We can’t wait to serve you! Discounts and coupons are available at online appointment scheduling.

Come and visit us and see how we can help you – book now for a free consultation.